About EPC


EPC's founding executives came together with successful careers in "Big Pharma," "Specialty Pharma," CROs and Wall Street to establish highly creative biotech and pharma-related companies.  With decades of successful experience, this team of executives have worked together building (and funding) NewCo's, to include one of the largest in-licensing deals ever conducted in China, an extraordinarily novel biotech out of Germany, creative 505(b)(2)'s and a myriad of NCE's and ANDA's.

Established in Wilmington, North Carolina, in 2004, EPC is an integrated global biotech consulting and product development company.  With an average of over 20 years each in their respective disciplines, EPC's successful executives have experience in:  business development, formulation development, global regulatory affairs, strategic management, clinical development, QA/QC, manufacturing, clinical trials and corporate raise-ups (public and private markets).

EPC's professional team provides clients with expertise upon which they can consistently depend, whether navigating complex regulatory guidances or seeking to bridge between funding sources. EPC’s team members have been involved in the development of both blockbuster drugs and blockbuster companies. EPC offers clients high quality, tailored, practical advice in drug, device, diagnostics, delivery systems and business development.  EPC's strategic and tactical guidance is designed to help our clients develop their products, build their firms, set the appropriate priorities from their pipelines, obtain marketing approvals and pursue postmarketing activities.

Our priority is to maximize the efficiency of the development process by eliminating unnecessary expense or work, proactively identifying issues in a straightforward manner, and facilitating interactions with regulatory agencies, financiers and outside vendors.  Each stage of the product development cycle is considered, with a targeted approach formulated for all clients and individual programs.

EPC provides each client with the most relevant strategic advice.  Our team is here to help your team, no matter how complex or how simple the assignment.  We are willing to roll up our sleeves and work closely with your team to optimize your project.  You will quickly learn that EPC is on your side, providing solid assistance, pointing your team in the right direction, always acting in your best interests with advice and personnel you can trust.

EPC provides each client with the most relevant strategic advice. Contact us to explore how EPC may be of benefit to your company.